Logan will allways be a special part of our family. It is hard to put into words how much we love and care for him. Although he only lived with us for a little over a year, he completely won over our hearts. We are thankful that we still get to have him come over and visit with us, his parents have been very generous and sweet about letting him spend time with us.

    Our story with Logan began when our county's social services called us to ask if we could be a foster family for a 9 lb., 6 month baby boy who was currently hospitalized and had sustained severe brain damaged. We were told that he would have intense medical needs. Although somewhat overwhelmed by the idea, we prayed about it, and decided that it was meant to be for Logan to be in our life. We received lots of medical training, including learning to feed Logan through a G-tube.

    Logan taught us that you truly learn to love those you serve. Also, he is a supreme example of the special souls that reside in handicapped bodies.

Birthdate:early 2002
Nicknames: Logey, Logey-bogey, Chubby cheeks
Favorite Pastimes: Kicking, laughing, playing

Logan at the hospital, 6 months oldLogan at the hospital, 6 months old*sigh* Logan at the hospital AGAINwelcome home Logan! Logan leaves the hospitallike, oh my gosh...it's DAWN!Logan during one of his many at-home medical visitsLogan and Dawntee hee!